Wireless Broadband Plans Overview

Our wireless broadband network covers Invercargill. If you're lucky enough to live within our wireless broadband network, then we've got a great range of broadband and phone plans for you to choose from. Our wireless broadband plans are great if you want cheap broadband access for surfing the web, reading your email or checking your online banking. Offers are not currently available to new customers.

Additionally, If you need a low cost home phone, we can add a Woosh phone line for you.

Wireless Broadband and Phone Plans

Plans start from just $44.99 per month and include FREE Extra Local Calling Area. Find out more about this deal and our other plans

Equipment you need

Find out what Woosh equipment you need to get started with our AIR Broadband/Phone line plans

Wireless Internet Broadband Only Plans

Want Broadband without the cost of a Landline? Then get our hot wireless Broadband Deals! Plans start from only $34.95 per month

Calling: Air Rates

Get some fantastic calling rates with our Air with Phone plans

Smart Services

With our AIR with phone plans you get lots of FREE Smart Services. Find out more about how Smart Services can help you manage your calls


If you don't think wireless broadband is for you, check out our uncapped broadband plans or our weekly broadband plans.